It Wasn’t Meant to Be

Right now, 6:30 AM EST, The Flying Pig Marathon & Half Marathon are starting.  I was supposed to be running the full marathon today, but my body ( God and the universe) had other plans.   Not only that, but I truly believe there is a reason for everything.  While I was extremely bummed out at first when I made the decision to not run 26.2, that feeling was quickly replaced with the feeling of relief.  The stress I was under to rehab the injury(ies) that I was trying to overcome and still continue to meet the demands of my training schedule, PT at the PT office, PT at home, icing and taking care of my family was not worth it.  The joy of running was gone.

Since I have modified my training plan and set my sights on a new race, a half marathon on May 7, 2011, I have felt so much better.  My attitude towards everyone & everything is back to the way I like it to be – positive! The joy of running has returned.

I want to take this moment to wish all of the people who are running The Flying Pig (full or half marathon) today the best of luck!  I wish I was out there with you all, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I can’t wait to track some of my friends who are racing not only this race, but others today as well.  Get out there & have fun!!

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