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    The Gluten Wish List

    Every once in a while when Jon and I get frustrated with eating gluten-free, we will make a list of all of the things that we would eat if we had one day to eat gluten. We both realize that unless there is some major medical/pharmaceutical development, this will never happen, but it is fun to daydream. So with our upcoming King’s Island trip, I began to think about what I would eat if I could. My list is not going to be limited to what I can find at King’s Island, KI just inspired me to daydream about gluten. Here is my list….let’s see how long it is:

    Charley’s Chicken Philly & Fries
    Pizza Hut Pan Pizza & Boneless Spicy BBQ wings
    Whole grain bread (weird, I know, but once you have eaten GF bread, this sounds gread)
    Sourdough bread (never knew how much I would miss this one…..when we go out to eat and the server places a nice, hot, fresh basket of sourdough on the table, I will pick it up and just let the wonderful aroma drift upwards towards my face)
    Cheesecake (yes, I know I can make it GF and it is excellent, but I miss ordering it out)
    Hot Soft Pretzel (have yet to find a replacement)
    Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich with cheese & mayo
    McD’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich
    Egg McMuffin
    Flour Tortillas (love Chipotle burritos)
    Kringle (the pasty filled with fruit, topped with icing that you eat around the Holidays)
    Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts
    Panera Bread Bagels or a good bagel in general
    Amstel Light Beer
    Nathan’s Hot Dogs

    Jon’s List:

    Pizza (in all shapes and forms)
    Chicken Fingers
    Charley’s Fries & Philly
    Did I mention Pop-Tarts?

    Now, I am sure you are catching a theme by now. None of the above is healthy, except maybe the whole grain bread. So, if there is a silver lining in our gluten-free cloud, it is that we eat pretty healthy now.

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