Never Ceases to Amaze Me

My mom and I were talking over vacation about her last visit with her gastrointestinal doctor and the one she had coming up.  She asked to be tested for Celiac Disease, to which her doctor said:

“What will you do if the results come back positive?”

Seriously?  The conversation we were having had a very casual note to it, until I heard that.  I got really, really fired up.  My mom went on to tell the doctor that she would get the endoscopy and biopsy of her small intestine to confirm the diagnosis and then begin following the gluten-free diet.  The dr then went on to ask why they didn’t just go straight to the endoscopy.  My mom explained that she didn’t want to have such an invasive procedure unless the blood tests came back positive. 

I am floored that this woman is a gastrointestinal doctor.  How can my mom take any advice this woman has seriously at this point?  How can Celiac Disease not even be on this woman’s radar at this point in time?  Not just for my mom, but for anyone who she sees in her practice.  What doctor tries to discourage a patient from getting testing for Celiac Disease when 2 family members have it?!  My mom has ulcerative colitis and has been on maintenance medication for it for years.  She has been in “remission” and was curious to find out if she needs to continue the medication she is on and if she does, if she should stay on the same dosage.  I honestly don’t see how she can take anything that this doctor says seriously at this point in time. 

I suggested that my mom go to her appointment and inform said doctor why she was leaving the practice and hand her the newest research on Celiac Disease or at least the link to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University directed by Dr. Peter Green or 

She did end up keeping her appointment and asking the questions about her ulcerative colitis, however, she plans on finding a new gastrointestinal doctor and getting a second opinion.  Anyone know of a good GI doctor in the Dayton, Ohio area that is a more knowledgeable about their specialty? 

On a positive note, I wanted to share a video with you all that my friend Jules, of Jules Gluten Free, shared with me.  It is a nice montage of food made by Jules.

Exciting news from Jules Gluten Free – they are now offering gluten-free oats

Off to make cookies! 


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