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Best Gluten-Free Pizza Crust…EVER!

OH.MY.GOD! I really could say that 100 times. I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but, I can’t. I checked out a bunch of books from the library a few weeks back and one of them was Cooking Free by Carol Fenster, PH.D. I have been meaning to make this for a week or 2, but on top of being intimidated by making something like this from scratch, I just plain ran out of time. Today, I commited, and boy, am I glad that I finally did. It was super easy. Much easier than I pictured it being. It also reminded me of the crust from a gluten-filled pizza crust. It was chewy and thin. It was flavorful. It was…..P.I.Z.Z.A!!!!!! So, Carol Fenster, whereever you are, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (and my son Jon’s too….he couldn’t stop drooling over the pizza).   You can find the recipe here.

**I topped mine with Prego 3 Cheese marinara, mozzerella, mini portabella mushrooms, baby spinach & tomatoes. I shredded fresh grated parmesan on top. I am sorry that I don’t have pictures. I was way too involved in eating. LOL!!

Jon said that he likes this much better than Pamela’s Wheat Free Bread Mix as pizza crust. He said he loves that mix for bread & bagels, but to PLEASE use this recipe for pizza from now on. FYI, this needs to be doubled, in my opinion. It technically serves 6, but Jon and I split it. I do have 1 piece left, but that is it. You can freeze the crust after the initial 10 minute baking period for a later date. I will definitely be doubling this recipe from now on. Hannah had a frozen, non-GF pizza for dinner. She wanted ours, but no luck. I told her next time she could have as much as she wanted.

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  • glutenfreeinthecount

    I buy the little pizza rounds for my son's school lunch, but I make our pizza at home. I will certainly make this. I am waiting for a book by Fenster from the library. I took notice of her after trying her chocolate cake recipe. It is one of the best I've ever tasted! So…I will make this and thanks for the information!

  • montlackc

    What happened to the recipe? I used it once and it was fabulous, but there was a link to homemade all purpose gluten free flour that I never wrote down! Help!!

  • Kimberly

    I had to take it down b/c I didn't have permission from Carol Fenster to publish it on my blog. You can find it in her cookbook listed above or in her new cookbook, 1,000 Gluten-Free recipes.

  • I loved this recipe and made it into a breakfast pizza with onion sautéed in bacon drippings for the sauce, then sharp cheddar cheese and bacon for the topping. Once baked it is topped with sliced tomatoes. I think that’s how it goes. I haven’t made it in years but loved it when I did.

    I just met Carol Fenster at the CSA/USA Denver Chapter Gluten Free Vendor Fair this past Saturday (June 13). She is lovely and gracious and truly grateful for our enthusiasm about her cookbooks. We’re blessed to have her here in the Denver area creating such wonderful food for us to prepare!

    If you don’t have time to bake a crust, I’d recommend Udi’s GF Pizza Crust. It’s delicious!! I just had the second half of my pizza for breakfast. It’s far better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Udi’s bread and blueberry muffins are so good that after eating them for 6 months I contacted Udi’s to offer to help spread the word about their great products to the Gluten Free world! So that’s what I do now. At the Vendor Fair more than 100 families came up to our table and said the bread “was the only product worth buying” or the “only bread my kids will eat!” Pretty exciting to offer such a great alternative to all of us Celiacs! I’m looking forward to getting the products into your hands!

    Dee Valdez
    Udi's Gluten Free Product Ambassador

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