Review: New Planet Beer

When I was asked if I wanted to sample New Planet Beer,  I jumped at the chance.  I miss my Amstel Light from my pre-gluten-free days,  so I enjoy tasting new varieties of gluten-free beer.  Previously I have tried New Grist,  Red Bridge and Bard’s Tale gluten-free beers.

New Planet has 3 different varieties of gluten-free beer:

Tread Lightly Ale

Made with Sorghum,  Corn,  Orange Peel,  Hops,  Yeast
5% ABV
12 Fluid Ounces / 4 & 6 Packs
125 Calories

3R Raspberry Ale

Made with Sorghum,  Corn Extract,  Natural Oregon Raspberry Puree,  Orange Peel,  Hops,  Yeast
5% ABV
12 Fluid Ounces / 4 Packs
160 Calories

Off Grid Pale Ale

Made with Sorghum,  Brown Rice Extract,  Molasses,  Tapioca Maltodextrin,  Caramel Color,  Hops,  Yeast
5% ABV
12 Fluid Ounces / 4 Packs
170 Calories

The first beer I tried was the Tread Lightly Ale and I loved it!  It was light,  yet flavorful.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my bison burger & salad.  Next up was the 3R Raspberry Ale,  which I also loved!  I drank this beer ice cold and by itself,  though it would go well with burgers,  nachos  or BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.  Last up was the Off Grid Pale Ale.  While this beer was good,  it wasn’t really my cup of tea beer.  The molasses provided a much stronger,  more bitter taste,  which may appeal to some people,  but was a tad too strong for me.  What I love about New Planet is the variety so that there is something for everyone!

More about New Planet Beer:

Our Planet

We named our company New Planet Beer as a way to express our desire for a new and invigorated planet. Our purpose is to help everyone celebrate life and to do good things for the planet. It’s our core mission to make great gluten-free beer and to donate a portion of our proceeds to environmental efforts in the areas in which we serve.

Current Programs

Each of our beer labels is named after a concept that helps “do good things” for the planet. Our current label Tread Lightly Ale, along with future labels 3R and Off the Grid highlight actions we can take to help our planet. Each year, we will give a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that support direct action projects that make a tangible, demonstrable difference. We will only make donations in the regions in which we are sold.

Tread Lightly Ale: Trail Restoration Program

Tread Lightly Ale reminds us whenever we’re traversing by foot, ski, or wheels, to do it carefully and thoughtfully. Leave as little impact to your visit to the wild places of the world, pick up any trash or debris you may see and help to restore any damage caused by humans. New Planet Beer will donate a portion of their profits each year to organizations working to restore trails.

3R Raspberry Ale: Waste Reduction Program

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – the 3 R’s of waste reduction education. By reducing the materials we use, reusing what we already have, and recycling what we did use, than we can help promote and protect a healthy environment. New Planet Beer will donate a portion of our proceeds from the sale of 3R to non-profit organizations taking direct action to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • 2011 Recipient: Bottlehood – Recycled Bottles to Glassware

Off Grid Pale Ale: Alternative Energy Program

Off the Grid means living in a self sufficient manner without the reliance on public utilities like gas and electric. Alternative and renewable energies like solar, geothermal and wind are becoming more and more available and affordable. So if we can help influence people to become aware of their usage of fossil fuels for heating and powering their homes and take steps to reduce that load, the better off our planet will be. New Planet Beer will donate a portion of our proceeds from the sale of Off the Grid to non-profit organizations taking direct action to provide and promote alternative energy.

  • 2011 Recipient: Will be selected in August of 2011

New Planet Beer can be found in eleven different states across the US or online where allowed.   The beer is $2.79/bottle or $15.19 for a 6-pack sampler.  Due to restrictions in the respective state laws, they are not able to ship alcohol to AK, AR, DE, HI, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MS, MT, NH, OK, PA, RI, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA and WV.

Have you tried any of the New Planet Beer flavors?  What did you think?

**The products in this review were provided to me free of charge.  The opinions stated here are mine and were not influenced by anyone or anything.

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