Fourth of July Menu Plan & Numbers

Quickly,  before I get to the menu plan for the week,  I have to share some interesting facts.

First, this post on running clothes,  was my 900th blog post!  I can’t believe I have written that much here!  It has been almost 3 years,  so I guess that is about right – roughly 300 posts/year.

Next, as of my 6 mile run in a thunderstorm yesterday with MIT,  I have run 600 miles for the year!  If I keep up my current pace,  I should hit 1200 miles for the year,  which would make my biggest mileage year yet!  Let’s hope the legs & feet hold up!

Now,  the menu.   Holiday weeks are great for spending time with family & getting an extra day or 2 off work.  They are not great for keeping on schedule.  The trash gets pushed back a day;  I get easily confused through the week as to which day it is;   my sleep gets messed up.  Yes,  I am getting old and persnickety.  I would like to know when I turned into a curmudgeon.  I like predictability,  people,  and I haven’t had too much of it recently.

Sunday – Pei Wei (how is that for predictability?)

Monday – Quinoa with roasted veggies & edamame and salad

Tuesday – Bison burgers,  sweet potato puffs,  broccoli & salad

Wednesday – Sweet Thai chile salmon,  brown rice,  sugar snap peas & salad

Thursday –Breakfast sandwiches,  homemade hash browns,  fruit salad

Friday – MYOP on Udi’s gluten-free crust and salad

Saturday – Hoping to try California Pizza Kitchen’s gluten-free pizza

Week in review

Enjoy Life is now making crunchy cookies!

Soy Joy has a new flavor – pineapple!

Canyon Bakehouse foccacia recipes.

Edy’s is gluten-free friendly

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free products

Gluten-free buns & beer in Columbus

Snowville Creamery chocolate milk review


Last,  but not least,  I want to share a quick fireworks show that some friends did a few years back:



Have a safe & Happy 4th of July!


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