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Dear Trader Joe’s…

Dear Trader Joe’s,

I have a problem.  I can’t stay out of your store and when you keep making new, amazing gluten-free products, I have an even harder time.  If my current list of “must haves” isn’t enough, I now have to include the following on that list:



You sure know the way to a girl’s heart.  Some of my other favorites:

  • 2 Buck Chuck
  • Almond butter – creamy with sea salt
  • Crunchy Curls
  • French rolls
  • 2 Buck Chuck
  • Chocolate calcium chews
  • All nuts & dried fruit
  • Gluten-free waffles
  • Edamame
  • Gluten-free boxed macaroni & cheese
  • Gluten-free gingersnaps
  • 2 Buck Chuck (did I already mention that?)

There is one product that I was not overly crazy about lately and I am not sure if it is me or the product.  Just not a fan.  Sad smile


So, keep up the good work and before long I will have to get a job there to afford my “problem”. 



P.S. Do you think if I drink enough of the Peaberry from Kenya that I will start to run like a Kenyan?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Winking smile

21 comments to Dear Trader Joe’s…

  • Laura

    I agree with your whole list – except we LOVE the chocolate bananas. My kids are so sad when they're out of stock for the week!

  • Oh how I wish we had a Trader Joe’s!!!!

  • I heart Trader Joe's too… Haven't tried the chocolate calcium though, I may need to pick that up!

  • Deb VP

    We moved from Washington DC to Florida where there are no TJs near us! Although luckily we do have a Whole Paycheck nearby which will substitute somewhat…I miss the free sample bar in the back of the store – always had something great!

    • Yes, they always have awesome samples! Plus, they will open whatever you want to sample. The other day Hannah and I were in there and I asked if they had a water fountain. They didn't, but the employee told me to hold on a minute – he went and got a bottle of water and opened it for her, free of charge! That is awesome customer service!

  • Ooo – I may have to look for those chocolate calcium chews too. I have been tracking how much I eat and I don't get enough. And I am bad about taking my vitamins, but if you cover them in chocolate? Any time. Now if only B-12 came chocolate covered!

    It was one of the criteria when we moved that the area had to have Trader Joe's. I am a TJ's addict!

    My husband loves that coffee too. (I don't drink coffee.)

    I haven't tried that variety of chocolate bar yet, but I love the toffee with walnuts one! But my favorite thing to buy is the GF brown rice pasta (it's Tinkyada brand just repackaged). And their house brand Greek yogurt, and, and, and…I could go on!

    Ours has been carrying New Planet beer too. And this week I spotted GF rolled oats.


  • Amy Jones

    Yet another thing we have in common Kim–our adoration for all that is Trader Joes. :-)

  • Jennifer

    Trader Joe's is definitely getting the picture when it comes to marketing gluten-free foods. I just wish that they could combine that with soy free as well. Alas, none of their chocolates or waffles for me. :(

    • linda lubner

      Jennifer, the Milwaukee TJ has many items on their GF list that say on the ingredients that they were manufactured in a plant that has wheat as a possible contaminant such as the whole cashews (not the reg. cashew bag). Also the mango salsa, the flourless choc cake, pumpkin butter, etc. So please read the labels for possible contaminants for those who are very sensitive to gluten. Linda

    • Sorry to hear that you have to avoid soy as well – that can make things tough!

  • Eww, Gone Bananas were GROSS. I think it's because frozen banana is so slimy. I love TJ's, though. I would probably marry the mysterious Joe if it meant free Trader Joe's for life.

  • I love the Gone Bananas and the Dark Chocolate! except I hate sometime when the bar breaks and all the caramel oozes out. My other LOVE is dark chocolate dry roasted edamame!!! I'm not allowed to buy these anymore because I eat them by the handful like they're not covered in chocolate! I also noticed GF ginger snaps yesterday as I was checking out but I resisted!

  • Jenny Manseau

    Eeeeew 2 Buck Chuck??? Spend a dollar or two more and get a great bottle of wine :) All the other items on your list sound great. Love the mac n cheese, waffles, crackers, chips, and pasta sauces also. I miss having a TJ's close to us!

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