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Laying it All Out

When I began my blog back in the summer of 2008, I had no idea that it would turn into what it has.  I started the blog with the intention of putting my gluten-free recipes in one place.  I wanted to do this not only for myself, but for our family as well.  Jon was diagnosed with Celiac disease in June 2006 at 10 years old.  Family members wanted to know what to feed him when he visited, so a blog seemed like the easiest place to put the information.  I never thought that other people would read it.  LOL!  It is so funny how things turn out. 

I have been fortunate to have been able to stay at home with my kids as long as I have.  I supplement my husband’s income by watching a couple of kids during the day and have gradually added other freelance writing positions to the mix.  Now one of my kids, my goddaughter, is moving onto Pre-K.  I am sad to see her go, as I have spent the weekdays with her for the past 4 years.  I also need to replace that income, but am not sure that I want to do that by adding another child to the mix.  I am busy running our kids around with their activities, and I still watch another friend’s little boy as well.  Before we had Jon in 1996, I was in restaurant management, and before we had Hannah in August 2002, I was in property management.  I don’t have any interest in returning to those industries at this point in my life.  I still want to be home with my kids and Cole, and continue the writing work that I am doing.  I love being able to sample products to share with others, and I also love helping people.  It makes me feel great if I can help just one person to feel better or to find a food that they have missed. 

So begins my brainstorming.  What do I do?  I have come up with a list of things that I could do to make money from home:

  • Write a book.
  • Sell on Ebay – BTDT and I am thinking I don’t want to go that route again, even though I have over 1950 positive feedback.  :)
  • Wait tables at night – Too old for that…LOL!
  • Become a professional athlete (Jon’s suggestion.  I quickly informed him that I would need to win an event to even entertain that idea.)
  • Do social media work from home for a business, preferably one that is in the gluten-free or running industry (hint, hint…any companies out there want to hire me?).
  • Land another freelance writing position to supplement the ones I have.

Any thoughts?  I figured my blog may be the best place to begin my search for opportunities. 

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  • You can find freelance writing position on Craigslist! I'm finishing up a science writing job right now that someone found for me on CL.

  • Yes, Craigslist has stuff and there was a freelance link I came across. I'll have to look for it again and send that to you. I'll email you soon and we can brainstorm. :D

  • Write a book with your good friend (and dietitian) about gluten-free and running. ;-) We would have SO much fun. ;-)

  • For freelance, there's also You do have to pay to become a member, but I had some great experiences and some decent income from it.

    What about offering Gluten-Free seminars?

  • Deb

    That's a great idea, Angela! Kim, with all your experience and knowledge, you could put together some kind of on-line package or seminar. You were SO helpful to me when my sister was diagnosed with Celiac (and it turns out my brother is too!) – maybe you could find a way to capitalize on that! What I'm visualizing is maybe a customized plan to help someone make the transition, complete with grocery lists, brands of gluten-free products, restaurants that are gluten-free friendly, those to avoid (the recent CPK controversy) – things like that. Just brain-storming out loud for you!

    • Deb – Those are some great ideas! I am glad that I could help. I could definitely see putting together a package to help those newly diagnosed make transitions. The only obstacle I see is that I am not a licensed dietitian, nutritionist or RD.


  • Trac

    I would read that book about gluten free and running!

  • I also want to write a book someday, and I think you should too! How did you get involved in freelance writing?

    • Sara – It kind of fell into my lap one day. I saw that was looking for writers and I applied. Additionally, General Mills (Gluten Freely) asked me to write for them and I also write for the Examiner (applied for that one). I really enjoy doing it, but am stuck (not in a bad way, just want to grow) where I am right now. I love the writing I am doing, but want to get involved in more.


  • You can also try for freelance writing. With the free membership, you get 10 credits to bid on projects per month (each project's payscale determines the number of credits required to bid). So you can try it out for a while without spending anything. is another site with a similar service (along with, as Angela mentioned).

    If you're going to do a book, you should do an eBook and sell it here. People will pay for the information in your brain! There are also services like that you can use to process eBook orders and sell through affiliates. eBooks are becoming super-popular!

  • I would love to write a book someday, as well as do more social media work professionally. I feel like some of my skills to be able to use social media effectively are being stifled right now by my full-time job (which, is ironically enough, in web technology.)

    I think you should write a book about gluten-free athletes. I have several people who have been on my team that are gluten-free and they're constantly looking for information.

  • My foot is doing okay, at least it seems like it to me! I'll get the current cast off on Wednesday and see what the doctor thinks!

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