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    Happy Birthday Hannah!

    My baby girl is 9 today!  Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe she is going into 4th grade in just a few short weeks.  We will be celebrating by cooking out with family & friends and lots of gluten-free goodies!  Hannah does not have Celiac, though she does carry one of the genes associated with it.  She gets screened once a year and so far, so good!  Speaking of which, I believe she is due for her test!  We got a little distracted this summer with her broken arm & surgery. 

    Baby Hannah, just a few hours after she was born:

    Hannah and I just a couple of weeks before she broke her arm:

    Hannah did want a traditional cake from the bakery, but I will also make a gluten-free dessert for Jon & I – brownies, I think.  I have a box of Betty Crocker’s GF Brownies beckoning to me, so I think I will add that to my to-do list or see if Jon would like to make them.  He has become quite the baker lately.  The rest of the food we will serve will be gluten-free – baked beans, grilled chicken, salad and chips & salsa. 

    Don’t forget to enter the GF Bisquick Giveaway in honor of Hannah’s b-day!  The giveaway runs until Monday at midnight

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