Genius Bread Revisited

After I sampled & reviewed Glutino’s new Genius bread in July, I received another loaf & letter from the company asking me to give it another try.  The sample they sent this time came from an ‘improved’ batch of bread.  Okay, I am game.  The bread was shipped frozen and had thawed by the time I had received it.  The letter that came along with the package recommended eating within one week for ‘optimal sampling’.

I left the bread on the counter (we run the A/C) overnight and made a sandwich to take the to pool that day.  I did not toast the bread for this sandwich, I just added deli turkey, cheese, mixed greens and spicy mustard.  The bread seemed more substantial than the previous loaf did, so I had high hopes.  The sandwich survived the cooler & trip to the pool.

I was impressed with the difference in this sandwich.  The bread held up much better and wasn’t nearly as dry.  The crusts were still dry and I ended up not eating part of them.  The bread was a little crumbly, but not nearly as bad as the first loaf.  The taste is really good, so it made for a nice sandwich paired with turkey & cheese.

Next up, toast.  I toasted the bread in my toaster oven & spread Earth Balance’s new coconut spread on top and was in heaven.  The bread held up very well, tasted great and is my preferred way to eat this bread.

All in all, this product was better than the first loaf that I received.  I went ahead & put the loaf in the refrigerator for storage so that it would last longer.

Genius bread can be purchased right now on for $3.99/loaf!

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