Weekly Menu Plan–August 14, 2011

Ten days.  Do you know what happens in 10 days?  The kidlets go back to school.  This week will be filled with orthodontist appointments, schedule pick-ups, teacher assignments & such.  It also means that sleep schedules need to get back on track.  Pssst….Jon, this means you!  School supplies have already been purchased for Hannah.  The PTO at her school offers a package deal for $25 – you send a check in before school ends the previous year & the supplies are delivered to the classroom – ready & waiting!  Best. Investment.Ever.  I just wish they did this for high school.  I don’t look forward to the days ahead that will included running from store to store looking for the right color & width dry erase markers.  

Jon has taken a liking to Jell-O Pudding.  He loves to make it himself (YES!) and it isn’t nearly as unhealthy as the chips that he wants to eat all of the time.  Now, if we can just get him to make the rest of his meals.  Baby steps, right?  Oh, he also did his own laundry this week!  Progress!

Goal this week: Not eating more than 1 meal out.  Lately my meal plan has been in the toilet and I have been grabbing dinner out.  This needs to stop.  Not only is it expensive, but I have food at home, I have just been too lazy to cook it.  I think the key is prep.  If I prep what I can on Sunday & Monday, the rest of the week should be easier when I am tired. 

Sunday – Rotisserie chicken, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli & salad

Monday -  Spaghetti with marinara sauce, steamed green beans & salad

Tuesday – Turkey tacos, corn, refried black beans & salad

Wednesday – Bourbon Chicken, brown rice, broccoli & salad

Thursday – Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

Friday – MYOP and salad

Saturday- Take-out

This is the last call for the winner of the GF Bisquick – Please email me so I can send out your mix!  Smile 

The winner is….

    • 34 Cybele Owen "Like"Gluten-Free-Is-Life on Facebook

    Congrats Cybele! Please email me at Kim@glutenfreeislife.com

    Have a great week!



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