Review: Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale

We have a really cool state liquor store right up the street.  I like to go in there and browse the wine selection and will occasionally pick up beer for Aaron there.  A couple of years back they were just starting to carry Redbridge.  Things have sure come a long way – now they are carrying Green’s and Estrella Damm Daura.  I found Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale the last time I was in and couldn’t wait to try it. 



The bottle is rather large, so if you don’t have someone to split it with, make sure you are ready to drink 16.9 oz of beer.  Aside from the fact that I loved the taste of this beer, I love that we have so many choices now.  I don’t feel limited at all on the gluten-free diet now.  When I first began the diet in 2006, I felt very limited and even bitter at times.  Not only do we have options now, but we have good options.   Not just a product to make us feel like we are not missing out, but a product that we are happy and proud to choose!  More about Green’s:

Green’s Beers have been brewed in Lochristi, Belgium at the highly-respected DeProef Brewery since 2004. Inspired by strong European beers and developed to a closely guarded secret recipe, these specialty beers are brewed with a full body, crisp taste and a refreshing flavor, losing none of the taste but all of the allergens. Green’s Beers are suitable for both Vegetarian and Vegan diets. They have a full five-year shelf life due to bottle-conditioning with an authentic Belgian yeast.

Green’s Beers DO NOT contain any of the following allergens or products thereof: Gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Lactose, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Sulfur dioxide nor Sulfites.

If your local store isn’t carrying Green’s, consider asking them to carry it.  The worst that can happen is they say “no”.  To find out if Green’s is sold near you, click here

This post brings me to a very important message: Don’t ever be afraid to ask for what you want.  This goes for everything in life, not just in following the gluten-free diet.  If you sit around waiting for things to happen or fall into your lap, sure, you might get lucky and have said thing happen.  But, you might not.  I used to be afraid to ask for what I want – afraid to make things happen for me – not anymore.  You have to be speak up, be vocal, be heard.  Be courteous & respectful and you are much more likely to get what you are asking for.   You still may not get what you what, but you can’t say that you didn’t try. 

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