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Today I am sharing bits & pieces of things I have swirling around in my head.  It really isn’t enough information for one post, so I am making a conglomeration.

First up, gluten-free ravioli or tortellini.  Jon asks me for this all the time, but I have never made pasta from scratch.  Ever.  Not before I went gluten-free and certainly not after.  I had to check out the link that Jules shared on how to make ravioli and tortellini.  She makes is sound so easy!  Could I do this without messing it up?  I really hope so!  I really don’t have an excuse not to try because I have a huge back of Jules Gluten Free flour in my pantry as I speak.  Wish me luck!

Subway began offering gluten-free buns & brownies earlier this year in a small test market in Texas.  They are now expanding this test market to include 100 Portland, Oregon locations!  I would love to see this go nationwide to add another option to the ever-growing list of gluten-free places.  To read more about procedures on how cross-contamination is avoided, click here.

Udi’s has re-designed their website and is giving away an iPad 2!  The new design is very pleasing to the eye and has lots of fantastic looking pictures that are making me drool!  More about the site:

“New Website Brings Community to Udi’s Gluten Free

Udi’s website has a new look. But it’s more than just new pictures and graphics. What’s really changed is how we communicate and interact with you. In today’s hyper-connected digital world, we want to make sure that our community lives up to your expectations. Now you can easily track down the gluten-free information you need, email us with any questions, see what’s trending on Twitter, and more!
Explore Udi’s New Gluten Free Website & Win an iPad 2

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods is celebrating the new look of our website by hosting a scavenger hunt to give new and loyal fans the opportunity to explore our site while searching for the hidden treasure. This hidden treasure could be your key to winning your favorite Udi’s Gluten Free Products and the chance to win the Grand Prize giveaway, an Apple iPad 2 engraved with a personal message from Udi’s.
The hunt begins August 19th.”

I had my yearly physical last week, which includes blood work.  In the past I have been anemic and had low vitamin D levels, so I was hoping that my increased attention to the food that I have been putting in my body paid off.  I got the results yesterday and all looked great!  Blood count, blood sugar, kidney function, electrolytes, iron studies, ferritin, thyroid tests & vitamin D – normal!  I also had my cholesterol checked:

Total cholesterol: 141 (goal <200)

Triglycerides: 50 (goal <150)

HDL: 75 (goal >40)

LDL: 56 (goal <130)

It was reassuring to see that my iron & ferritin levels were normal, as I quit taking my supplement a while back and have been focusing more on foods that are higher in iron.

School starts today – YAY!!  Who else is excited?  Well, last, but not least, I had to pick a new winner for the GF Bisquick contest because I never heard back from the winner that was chosen.  The new winner is:

Diane Bramos – CONGRATS Diane!!!  Please email me at with your contact information.



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