Giveaway: El’s Gluten-Free Snacks

One of my favorite pre-gluten-free snacks was bagel chips.  I loved the crunch.  Nothing like a salty, spicy, crunch snack to wake you up in the middle of an afternoon slump.  I have missed that and haven’t really found anything to quite take the place of those bagel chips.  Until now.  Enter: El’s Gluten-Free snacks.  Not only does El’s Kitchen make bagel snaps, but a snack medley that contains some amazing textures & flavors.  Read my complete review of El’s gluten-free snacks over on

Gluten-free Snacks from El's Kitchen

Want a chance to win some El’s Gluten-Free snacks?  Good, because I have partnered with El’s to host a giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win 2 bags of El’s Gluten-Free Snacks (one bag of each).  Follow the instructions below to enter.

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