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We Interrupt Your Monday…

For the First Pumpkin Sighting!  The date is August 29, 2011 and there has been a pumpkin sighting.  Pumpkin ranks right up there with chocolate & wine for me, so I always have my feelers out looking for pumpkin goods.  One of my favorite companies came through. 


Kinnikinnick first launched their Pumpkin Spice Donuts last fall.  I couldn’t get my hands on them fast enough, and for good reason!  They are phenomenal!  Well, they are back, but only for a limited time, just like last year.  The donuts can be ordered from the Kinnikinnick website or they can be purchased in their Edmonton retail store.  The donuts are $6.59 for 6 donuts.  The shipping rate is a $10 flat rate fee.  Consider stocking up if you have an extra freezer to take advantage of the flat rate fee and to have these around for a long time. 

The donuts will only be available through November 30, 2011, so act fast!! 

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  • MJ

    Are they as good as their cinnamon sugar ones? Those are terrific. Wonder if I could get my Whole Foods to order a bunch (that’s how I got them to carry Pumpkin Spice Arctic Zero, which is amazing! But sadly seasonal). I saw something in a newsletter that indicated there shouldn’t be a shortage of pumpkin purée this year, thank goodness, tho I may still have a few cans fro

    stocking up whenever I saw it last year!

    • MJ – I don't think stores will carry these – they didn't last year. I had to order online. They are just as good, if not better than the CS donuts! Have you tried the blueberry glazed? They are seasonal and phenomenal. I will have to keep any eye out for that Arctic Zero!

      • MJ

        I didn't get around to trying the blueberry before they vanished but they sounded really good. My favorites in the pre-GF days were cinn sugar/powdered sugar and pumpkin or apple cider (with cinn sugar). I guess I'll have to order a couple boxes.

        Have you tried Arctic Zero before, in any flavor? They're all pretty good – my year-round favorite is probably Vanilla Maple, but I like all of them. The Pumpkin Spice is the closest thing to a Pumpkin Pie blizzard I have had since going GF. I bought our chest freezer for Arctic Zero (I buy by the case – WF gives a 10% discount) and the meat we order. I use the coffee AZ as a recovery treat in the afternoon after my long runs. :) They just came out with some chocolate covered bars, but i like the pints better – I get more yum for not much more calorically, and the chocolate coating kept breaking off and making a mess on me.

  • I still have a can of pumpkin in my cupboard from last year! It's my "emergency stash". :)

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