Friday Five

Welcome to Friday.  Today is also the first day of fall, my favorite season.  I love the cool, crisp air and the brilliant colors.  I could do without winter following my favorite season, though.  I am not a huge football fan, but Jon & Aaron are.  Jon sports his OSU jersey when he can, though I think he has outgrown it. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Jon a few years back in his jersey.  I was playing around with my new camera & he wanted to test out the action shots.


I love little quizzes.  This Friday Five quiz is one we do on a forum that I have been a part of since I was pregnant with Hannah.  I think of these women as family & can’t believe that we are all still together 9+ years later!  Anywho, I thought it would be fun to do a Friday Five here today. 

Here is how it works – I will share my answers to the questions & then you can post yours in the comment section.  I look forward to reading them all!!

  1. Some friends have invited you over to watch the big game. What do you bring for the snack table? Buffalo Chicken Dip (naturally gluten-free) celery & tortilla chips
  2. What do you bring for a potluck lunch at work (or school)? BBQ pulled pork (crockpot) with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce (also gluten-free)
  3. What do you think of the Facebook changes so far?  The new timeline that is coming?  The new changes are not my favorite, but I don’t like change.  It would help if both of my accounts were the same, but they aren’t.  I am not a fan of the timeline as far as I can tell, however, that may change once I actually experience it.  I just don’t think that people need to know that much about each other.  LOL!  
  4. You’re going camping for a long weekend with a bunch of friends. Everybody agrees to bring one thing that others often don’t think to bring. What’s your contribution? I don’t camp, so I would bring wine because I am fairly certain that I would have to be intoxicated to sleep outside in a tent.  Nothing against those of you that do it, I wish I could get past my aversion to sleeping with creepy crawlies. 
  5. Road trip! The car in which you’re going to spend twenty hours with your closest friends only has a CD player. What do you bring? Counting Crows – August & Everything After.  One of the best albums ever

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Hope you all have a glorious weekend! 


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