The Final Stretch

Race day is less than 2 weeks away.  It is more important now, than ever, to eat right, sleep right & stay away from sick people.  If you are sick & around me, please don’t be offended if I run the other way.  Eating right should be a no-brainer, but that isn’t always the case.  I know how to eat healthy, gluten-free, but knowing & doing aren’t always the same thing.

As a recovering anorexic I have to be careful with any changes that I make to my diet and/or exercise plan.  There have been times that I find myself rationalizing that something I am doing is okay, when in actuality, it isn’t.  I have a habit of weighing myself daily.  Some people think this is a bad idea, my therapist and I felt it was a good thing for me.  By weighing myself daily I was learning to trust myself & my eating patterns again.  That was all well & good up until the past few weeks. 

Half marathon training & strength training can cause weight gain.  This isn’t a bad thing – this means that I am getting stronger.  However, my brain sees it differently.  In order to thwart any action (conscious or subconscious) on my part, I have asked Aaron to hide our scale.  He giggled at first, and then I asked him to trust me.  When I weighed myself yesterday I was up 4-5 pounds total over the past few weeks.  I know that rationally there are all kinds of reasons for this, hence the reason I asked Aaron to hide our scale.  If I don’t know, I can’t obsess.  If I don’t know, I can’t act.  Restricting food intake or calories at this point in my training would be detrimental to my body.  Tapering is the point in training where your body repairs itself in preparation for race day and I need to let my body do what it needs to do.  I need to trust. 

I am focusing on whole, gluten-free foods.  Lean proteins, brown rice, quinoa, veggies & fruits.  For bread-y carbs – brown rice tortillas, Food for Life English Muffins or Udi’s gluten-free millet chia bread.  Oh, can’t forget the chocolate & jelly beans (I really need to hit up Jelly Beans Anonymous).  Winking smile

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