Welcome to November!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween last night!  We did here.  My BFF and I walked around the neighborhood with Hannah and Emma (BFF’s daughter).  Hannah was dressed as a Zebra; Emma was Ariel. Love the wig!  

e had a freak hail storm hit about 4:30 PM yesterday.  I thought for sure that the night would be ruined, but as fast as it started, it stopped and the sun came out.  In the midst of the action:



The haul:


Lots of gluten-free goodies in there for mom to help dispose of while the kids are in school.  I have to tell you guys that Hannah did the sweetest thing while we were out last night.  She walked up to a house that was giving away full size candy.  Hannah grabbed a bag of Sour Skittles and the woman warned her they were sour.  She replied “I know, I am getting these for my mom because she loves them.”  How sweet is that?  The woman gave them to her and then let her choose something else for herself.  Love my little girl! 

Jon is past the age for Trick or Treat, so he went with some friends to YoungLife and they went to Chipotle afterwards.  He was happy that they were running a special on burritos and managed to get 3 burrito bowls for $6 or $7.  He currently has lunch & dinner for the day.  LOL!  I am glad that Chipotle has gluten-free options so that he is able to go with his friends and not feel left out. 

Thanks to all who entered the Pamela’s Giveaway!  Click here to find out if you won!!


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