So, here I go!

So this is my first post on my new blog!  How fun!  I posted info about me in my profile, which leads me to what I am doing here.  I am blogging about navigating through a gluten-filled world on a gluten-free diet.  Both my son and I must adhere to a strict gluten-free diet.  I find it easier than him, as I had years and years of Pop-Tarts before I found out that gluten was like poison to my body.  He isn’t convinced yet that Pop-Tarts are gross and frequently boo hoos because his little sister can eat them and he can’t.   Of course there is plenty of delicious, gluten-free food to be had, but sometimes it just isn’t the same.  I would love to say that I create all of my gluten-free recipes myself, but a chef I am not.  I do a lot of searching online, using various GF blogs and recipe sites.  I frequent a couple of different Celiac forums for reviews, recommendations and must avoid foods or eateries.  I do my best to try to offer a variety of healthy food, while indulging some too.  One can’t live without chocolate and there is no gluten in it!!  I use pre-made mixes for some of my treats, but also have experimented from scratch.  I have found that I can make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that taste really no different from the Tollhouse cookies I made in the past.  They don’t last long when I make them, that is for sure. 

Okay.  There it is.  My first post.  I hope to be back later with some favorites of mine & Jon’s.

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