Gluten-Free Diet Broken Down

This year the FDA released an updated version of where our daily foods should be coming from.  Today I found a gluten-free version (Thanks Amy, Dietitian at Mary Rutan Hospital, and The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center).  Check it out:



I will be using the aforementioned diagram with Jon to hopefully help get him eating better.  If he doesn’t listen to me, maybe he will listen to his trainer. 

I like how this diagram specifies which versions of “breads and cereals” are healthier choices.  This tool can be very valuable to those just starting the gluten-free diet.  I remember those days – feeling lost and wondering what to eat.  Making changes is not easy, but I like to think of the gluten-free diet as a positive lifestyle change.  Not only will the diet most likely help you feel better, but eating foods that are in their natural state and less processed is much better for your body.


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