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Dear Martha,

I don’t know where to start, as I am still in disbelief of the stance you have taken on guests with food allergies.  Do you know how many people you have now alienated, or was that your goal?  Let’s sort out some quick facts:

I am really happy for you that you don’t have to worry about the food that you put in your mouth, but many of us do.  Does that mean that we should be excluded from dinner parties or other functions?  The most important thing I have learned since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is that while I do have to follow a gluten-free diet, social situations aren’t always about the food.  Attending a dinner party, wedding, baby shower or even a work conference usually means that some kind of food will be served and eating will most likely be complicated (especially if the hosts are anything like you).  I have learned to shift my focus from the food to the people.  I focus on catching up with friends and family; I aim to try to learn something new about each person I speak with.  Work functions that include food are spent networking or getting to know co-workers.

What do you have against those of us who can’t eat like you do?  Is it because preparing our food is more complicated?  I used to look forward to reading your magazine and support the sale of your products, but no longer.  Additionally, I have a feeling that I am not the only one who feels this way.


A former fan, supporter, reader

Edited to add the link to the NY Post article where Stewart shares more info.  She does mention whipping up an egg dish for gluten-free or vegetarians, but then goes on to say that “Everybody can skip a meal”.



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  • Diane

    I agree with every word you said. Martha’s done with me? I’m done with Martha!

  • Marie

    Wait, what happened?!

  • Marie

    Nevermind, I looked it up. Ugh! I understand if you're doing a charity event and you have everyone saying that they won't eat this or that…that's one thing. But another total thing is if you can't tolerate or get very ill from eating the foods or ingredients in the foods. To not be flexible with that is to not be a master chef…or person in general if you know someone has an allergy or something like celiac. I never cared much for her anyway though…and especially don't now.

  • gfdougie

    Inflexibility in this day-&-age is so 20th Century. To know Martha would not be hospitable to my dietary needs (celiac) means she is not the empathetic person she tries to convey on TV. We haven't even discussed the "undiagnosed celiacs, coeliacs" she could affect with her comments. Martha Stewart is done in my book! :)

  • Mary Beth Brown

    I'm usually just a reader and not a commenter, but this story I was especially bothered by this because her magazine had published several gf recipes and labeled them as such in the past year or so.

  • Cara

    I agree! It is a problem when we stop loving other people as they are!

  • I get that she doesn't like picky eaters and some people have annoying fad diets, but if I eat raw tomato then I will die. And you aren't GF for fun or for some fad. Martha needs to learn the difference and shut the **** up. Seriously, that's just inappropriate.

  • Heidi

    Slow down…for a small circle of friends, of course one should assess. Celiac is not the only ne accomodated and it is simply not possible to accommodate everyone all the time. Our family is GF, I am allergic to tomato and dairy, my daughter also soy. In our close circle we have a nut allergy, a sesame allergy, two extreme mushoom aversions and vegetarians. In any group there could be numerous limitations that would impossible to address for every participant. She entertains en masse and says she attempts to provide variety. I have no personal opinion of her, but I believe the hostility here may misplaced. We all must be informed and cautious when dining out and unless it is an intimate gathering, to not expect the ebent to cater to our personal restrictions. These types of reactions are what strikes fear in those who would like to offer gluten items, etc.

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