Merry Christmas

I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday!  We have been busy here the past few days.  I was on a roll, getting all kinds of things done when I got glutened on Friday.  While I was “over the worst” in a few hours, it took a good 24 hours to get back to “normal” or close to it.  Then, out of the blue, Hannah got sick.  Not sure if it was something she ate or the ugly virus she had a few weeks back rearing its ugly head.  At first I thought it was something we both ate, but we didn’t eat the same food.  Additionally, I was sick within 30 – 60 minutes of eating the gluten-containing food, so I had no doubt what made me sick.  Whatever it was, she is now better, too.

Thankfully I was a little ahead and was able to rest & recover.  Christmas Eve dinner was a hit.  Hannah even helped organize our veggie tray:




Not pictured: Ham, Catholic potatoes, salad, Buffalo chicken dip, chips & dip and edamame.

Christmas day we managed to sleep in until 7:30 AM!  I consider that a victory!  The kids were downstairs and ready to go by 8, after mamma had her coffee.  Well, one of them was. 


Everyone had a great time & got all kinds of fun stuff, stuff they wanted.  Most importantly, we were together.  After the gift opening and breakfast, I set out for a run in the amazing December weather.  40 and sunny on Christmas day, yes please!   After 6 miles, the stars had realigned and all was right in the world. 

Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday & were able to spend some quality time with friends & family.



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