Weekly Menu Plan December 26, 2011

Here we are in the last week of 2011.  Where has the year gone?  Time really does fly when you are an adult, as opposed to dragging when you are a kid.  All I know is that today it was 42 and sunny out when I went for a run in SHORTS!!  Glorious & rare in Columbus this time of year. 


We are still eating ham leftovers here, which is fine by me.  Hannah is on a strict bland food diet, sans dairy, as she ended up puking again at midnight last night.  This poor girl and her stomach lately.   I was completely shocked, as she had been fine for the previous 48 hours.  I called her pediatrician and we saw him this morning, hence the bland foods.  She was not pleased, but when faced with bland foods or puking, she chose the foods.  He said it could be another stomach bug or her stomach just trying to get back to normal after having been slowed down from the first bug.  He also mentioned temporary lactose intolerance and she had a lot of cheese last night, so it does make some sense.  Let’s hope the bland food does the trick.  We also started Hannah on Florastor for Kids in hopes of normalizing the bacteria in her GI/digestive system.  She hates it, but such is life, right? 

So, the menu this week won’t be overly flavorful, as I hope to pull food out from what I am making to feed Hannah.

Tuesday – Grilled chicken, baked potatoes and salad (not for Hannah – she’ll have bread or crackers if she wants more than what is served)

Wednesday – Shrimp & brown rice pasta with salad.  We may have Alfredo. 

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner (probably waffles, turkey bacon & fruit)

Friday – MYOP (I am going to pick up some Daiya cheese and hope that Hannah likes it)

Saturday – Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

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