Gluten Freely Ask-A-Doc Answers

Earlier this month I shared the news that Gluten Freely was introducing the new “Ask-a-Doc” series.  Questions were taken up until January 20, 2012 and now the answers  to many of the questions have be posted here.


A little more about Dr. Guandalini:

Dr. Guandalini, a world-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and celiac disease expert. He is the Founder and Medical Director of The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, who works to raise awareness and diagnosis rates in the quest for a cure.

The questions that were answered are:

Could a gluten-free diet lead to other health conditions?

Are there varying degrees of gluten sensitivity?

Is there a correlation between celiac disease and lactose intolerance?

When do you recommend introducing gluten to a baby?

Can skin contact with gluten-containing flour cause harm?

Will my child get celiac if I have it?

How do you feel about the FDA’s proposed regulation of 20ppm for gluten-free?

What if I cheat and eat gluten?

What can I do about DH (dermatitis herpetiformis)?

What on-going tests do you recommend after diagnosis?

Can harmful effects exist without external symptoms?

What triggers Celiac Disease?

What’s being done to find a cure?

What if the Celiac blood test was negative?

Can anything be done to alleviate my symptoms?

While I have not had time to watch all of these, I think that these are all great questions and should help a lot of people get some much-needed answers.  I hope that Gluten Freely continues this series so that follow-up questions can be asked and then answered.


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