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    Schedules & Menu Plan

    Spring break is over.  Kids are headed back to school tomorrow.  Time to get back to the routine.  Oh, wait, my routine will no longer be the same.  In addition to writing, I was watching a friend’s little boy every day.  They ended up moving, so now I am going to focus on finished up my NASM personal training certification and writing.  What I need to do first, though, is to develop a schedule of some sort so that I can stay on track.  My goal is to take the NASM CPT exam by the end of May (I have until the end of June).  I am about a third of the way through the curriculum right now. 


    Flower in our backyard – so early!

    This first week will be an experiment in what works best for me in terms of study time, writing time, workouts, family & household duties.  I hope to shift my workouts from 5 AM until after I get Hannah to school so that I can hopefully get on a better sleep schedule.  I realize this will take some playing around, hence the “experiment week”.  Oh, can’t forget, I got called for Jury Duty in April.  Good times.

    Sunday – Thai peanut salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli & salad

    Monday – Italian chicken breasts, gluten-free pasta, green beans & salad

    Tuesday – Taco Tuesday, refried beans, corn & salad

    Wednesday – BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, steak fries, sauteed zucchini and salad

    Thursday – Leftovers

    Friday –Make your own pizza and salad

    Saturday – Take out

    Weekly Recap

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    Have a great week!!

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