Miley Cyrus is Latest Celebrity on Gluten-Free Diet

If you happen to be on Facebook, Twitter or read any online news, I am sure you must have heard that Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to disclose that she is following the gluten-free diet.  She doesn’t mention anything about Celiac Disease, but a “gluten and lactose allergy”.  This is her explanation to those saying she is “anorexic”.


I love how this Huffington Post article goes on to explain what Celiac Disease and non-Celiac gluten sensitivity is!  While I love hearing about the gluten-free diet in the news, I don’t want people getting incorrect information or thinking that it is a fad diet.


One can only hope that if Cyrus is going to continue following the gluten-free diet that she is careful to make sure her facts are correct if she chooses to talk about it.  With as many followers as she has on Twitter, she has quite the arena to spread information.

Care to share your thoughts on this?

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