Friday the 13th Fun

Today is Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?  I am to some degree.  By that I mean that the thought crosses my mind, thinking maybe I should be superstitious, but then I get busy and forget about it.  Some people say that Friday the 13th is a lucky day for them.  I believe I have always found it just to be another day.

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging drooling with that picture of the chocolate chip banana bread on Wordless Wednesday.  I am not supposed to use words, right?  Well, here is the mix I used. 


I thought we could all have some fun on this Friday the 13th with a “Friday Five” – gluten-free style.  Please leave your “Friday Five” answers in the comments section.

1.  Favorite gluten-free bread (pre-made, mix or made from scratch)

2.  Favorite gluten-free pizza crust (pre-made, mix or made from scratch)

3.  Favorite gluten-free dessert.

4.  Favorite gluten-free crackers.

5.  Favorite gluten-free cookbook.

My answers:

1.  Canyon bakehouse Colorado Caraway

2. Udi’s gluten-free pre-made or Bob’s Red Mill mix

3.  Carrot cake

4.  Crunchmaster sea salt

5.  Too many to name just one

Your turn!  Ready, set, GO!!! 

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