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Chipotle Rave

We had a busy day yesterday!  I was up at 5 AM to get my miles in, had a CPR/AED class at 9 AM, picked up Jon from school early to take him to lunch and then to get take his driver’s license test, and then took Hannah to a doctor appointment.  I figured I would treat Jon to Chipotle for lunch since it is his favorite place to eat and there was one on the way to the exam station.

Chipotle locations are not hard to find in Central Ohio.  There are 3 locations that I frequent on a regular basis and they are all about the same distance from my house, it just depends on where else I have to go.  The location we went to yesterday was new to us, located on US 23/Columbus Pike in Delaware, Ohio. 


I began my order as I always do, by asking the employee taking orders to change her gloves.  Then I saw something I had never seen before – the entire line stopped what they were doing, they changed gloves and washed their hands.  Then, they removed all of the spoons and tongs from the food on the line & wiped down the line.  I asked if they do this every time someone asks for gluten-free and was informed that this standard operating procedure anytime someone comes in with any kind of food allergy (though we all know that Celiac Disease is not an allergy).  I was uber impressed!  I have had many great experiences at Chipotle restaurants in the past, but most times the person making my food will change gloves and wash their hands and then be the only person to handle my order. 

Though restaurant was not overly busy at the time – there were 2 people in line ahead of us – and those people had to wait while the staff performed the safety procedures.  I thanked them for their patience and the staff gave them their drinks and chips “on the house”. 

I love to sing the praises about experiences like the one I had yesterday!  I love to educate others on Celiac Disease how to keep us safe – a few employees were asking about the gluten-free diet and Celiac Disease and what it entailed.  I would love to see the other Chipotle locations adopt these practices as an effort to minimize cross-contamination risks.

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  • Deanna

    Wow that is service. I've never had them do that. But, I go to a location where they're serving almost exclusively college students and college workers – super busy at lunch time, which is the only time I ever go. It's usually just the first person in line that washes and changes, and then they pass the food down the line.

  • As someone with a severe food allergy, I think that's awesome. I had a Wendy's try to kill me a few weeks ago by slipping a tomato on to my sandwich.

    • Oh, no!! I didn't realize you were allergic to tomato, or maybe I did and forgot – you know I am getting old! ;) Can you take the tomato off or are you sensitive enough that it can't touch? I feel for you -I know it is hard to eat out with any kind of special diet.


  • That's fantastic, Kim! What a great experience. I'm a huge Chipotle fan so this makes me happy. :)

  • Deb VP

    Yay to Chipotle…they are always so friendly and the food is fantastic! I try to write to Chipotle when I have a great experience as well. PS: Just saw a note on the news that their prices are going to increase soon due to beef prices going up….

    Kim – thanks for all the great work you do – we feel as if we all know you personally! Best to you!

    • Deb,

      Thank you for your sweet note! It is a shame that their prices will be going up, however, I am willing to pay a little more for quality ingredients that I know I can trust.


  • Julie Garmon

    Wow! Amazing! I think we have Chipotles here in GA…I'll have to check. I'm impressed, big time! Thanks, Kim. ANd I just passed along your blog to someone recently diagnosed.

  • Tracey Allen

    The Chipotle restaurant we go to here in Tulsa does the same thing, my husband wants to go there now alot to see all the commotion! lol

  • Tracie

    Something I noticed last time I was at Chipotle, the last person on the line that folds up all the burritos also continually dips his/her hand into the cheese and lettuce. Lots of opportunity for cross-contamination there, so no cheese or lettuce for me. I honestly didn't notice it before, but it definitely was an eye opener! But if they are that accommodating, it may be worth asking if they have those ingredients in the back that haven't been used yet.

    • Tracie,

      I would definitely ask them to get those from the back if you notice something like that going on. There was one location where I noticed an employee dump the rice back into the serving container because he put the wrong rice on the tortilla! Not only did that contaminate the rice with gluten, but it is an unsafe practice for health concerns as well.


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