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I can’t think of a better way to end a long, hot day than with a refreshing gluten-free beer.  Not only did I have a long day that started at 4:30 when I got up for my race, but it was Cinco de Mayo, so beer and Mexican food were on the menu.  I simplified the Mexican part by picking up Chipotle.  Seems a number of other people had the same idea, as the line was close to being out the front door.

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When I was at Whole Foods a few weeks back, I stumbled upon a new-to-me gluten-free beer called “Glutenator” from Epic Brewing Company.  I had met up Andrea of Food Embrace for lunch and she asked if I had tried it yet.  I made a point to make it the next on my list to sample. 

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What a phenomenal name!!  I love it!  This beer is not brewed from sorghum, it is brewed from millet, brown rice, sweet potato, molasses and American hops. 

This beer has a golden color, aromas of hops and sweet potatoes with a sweet grain flavor and a clean, sorghum-free finish.

This is now my favorite gluten-free beer!!  It was the perfect compliment to my chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle.  It was light and crisp and not heavy in the least.  The beer comes in large bottles that are approximately 2 servings (11 oz) each.  Each serving has 130 calories, which is less than many of the other gluten-free beers or ciders on the market.

In addition to finding this at Whole Foods, I have also seen this at Earth Fare in Columbus. 

What is your favorite gluten-free beer?  Have you tried Glutenator?


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