Review: Cascade Fresh Yogurt

A couple of weeks back a friend mentioned she had found a fruit juice sweetened yogurt at Earth Fare (my new favorite store).  She picked a few up because they were on sale and she is trying to cut back on sugar.  I happened to see they were still on sale the next time I was in Earth Fare, so I picked up a couple.  The yogurt is made by Cascade Fresh, a company started 25 years ago.  More about Cascade Fresh:

Our Goodness
It starts with our philosophy and ends up in the cup

Did you know all yogurts are not created equal?
That’s 100% true. Just like our yogurt. Being family owned, we follow our hearts, instead of a corporate
formula. Each wholesome batch contains only the freshest natural ingredients. No preservatives. No
artificial sweeteners. No refined sugars. Our cows are as special as our yogurts, enjoying lush pastures
and humane handling at every level to produce luscious, wholesome milk that’s totally free of rBGH
(Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone).

The yogurt was on sale for $.50/cup, so I picked up the lemon chiffon and blueberry (both fat-free).



The stats:

Sun ripened fruits. Natural fruit juice flavoring only. Our 6-ounce yogurts contain about ¾ oz. of fruit juice concentrate by weight (about 70% natural sugar)

Each of our yogurts is cultured slowly, right in the cup, resulting in the highest number of beneficial Acidophilus cultures of any yogurt available.

Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus bulgaricus
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Bifidobacterium Longum
Bifidobacterium infantis
Streptococcus thermophilus

FAT FREE: 2 points per serving

I have to say that this was some of the best yogurt I have ever tasted!  I have been a Greek yogurt convert for a couple of years, but this stuff may have changed that.  There was just enough sweetness in the yogurt without that overly sweet taste that is in some other sweetened yogurts.  I loved eating the blueberry straight from the cup, while I added in 1/4 cup of Enjoy Life Beach Bash seed & fruit mix in with the lemon chiffon for a substantial snack packed with 11 grams of protein!  The fat-free variety comes in 14 different flavors.  They also have a low-fat and whole milk varieties.  All of the Cascade Fresh yogurts are gluten-free and kosher.

Have you tried any of the Cascade Fresh yogurts?  I need to get some more as soon as possible!

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