Vacation rocks, but waking up in your own bed after being away for two weeks may rock even a little bit more.  I love that we are able to go on vacation for longer than one week, as it affords us more flexibility and down time.  I prefer to operate on a somewhat laid back schedule when on vacation so that I am not running around in circles, like I do at home.  That being said, once the last day of vacation arrives, I am ready to just be home. 


Yesterday morning the kids and I were sitting around and discussing what time we had planned on leaving the following morning (Saturday – also known as today).  I don’t remember which one of us said that we should just leave right then, but it certainly caught my attention.  I started to think about it and the more I did, the better it sounded.  The only commitment we had Friday was at 4 PM for a family picture.  Once that was taken, there was no reason we couldn’t hop in the car and leave.  While the kids and I were all about this impromptu plan, Aaron took a little more convincing.  I decided to step up my packing as we worked towards getting Aaron on board and before we knew it, he was game! 

At 4:30 PM the family picture had been taken and the car was packed and ready to go.  We said our goodbyes and set out for home. 


The drive would be long, but we now could look forward to gaining a whole day – Saturday – once we woke up.  The time passed quickly for the first several hours in the car with chatter about the vacation and what we all had coming up in the next few weeks.  We stopped to get some food, though there were not many options for Jon and me.  I had packed a salad and protein bar for myself, but Mr. Picky wasn’t going for either of those and seemed to have an insatiable hunger.  Around 8:30 PM and many discussions about what to eat, Aaron came up with a brilliant idea – see if there was a Domino’s pizza along our route that we could call ahead and order a gluten-free pizza from. 

Thanks to technology from our iPhones, we were able to locate a Domino’s pizza that was roughly 20-30 minutes away.  I called to ask about the gluten-free pizza and 20 minutes later our boy was scarfing down his meal.  I don’t know why it had never dawned on me to do something like this until Aaron mentioned it, but I am glad that we did it!  Not only was Jon able to fill his belly, but we had fun on this little detour!

At 3:15 AM we rolled into our driveway.  I thought that I would immediately crash and fall fast asleep, but that wasn’t quite the case.  The last time I saw the clock it said 4:05 AM and then I woke up at 8:15 AM.  Something tells me that it is going to be a long day requiring lots of this:


I plan on playing catch up over the next few days.  I will announce the winner of the Bakery on Main Truebar giveaway ASAP!

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