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    Weekly Menu Plan–June 24, 2012

    How did it get to be the last week of June already?  I feel like I have been in a fog this week.  As a friend put it, “vacation hangover”, and I think she is right.  Vacation hangover is that period of time – seeming to be right around a week long for me – that it takes to get back in the groove of things.  Unpacking, putting things away, cleaning the house, catching up on sleep, etc.  Of course I have to make time in there to go to the pool with Hannah, right?  Even that seemed like a chore on Thursday.  I need a few good naps to straighten me out. 


    We seem to be getting a reprieve from the heat for the next couple of days – only in the mid-70s, which is fine by me.  Still warm enough to go to the pool, but not oppressive.  When it gets too hot to go to the pool, we have been hitting the movie theater.  Last movie we saw was “Madagascar3”.  Not bad, but I truly believe that the funniest parts were show in the previews.  Only an hour and a half long, so not torture on parents.

    Onto the menu.  Goal for the week – quit being lazy and actually cook and bake the things I tell you all that I am going to.

    Sunday – Going away party at BJ’s Brewhouse

    Monday – Italian grilled chicken, brown rice, snow peas and salad

    Tuesday – Easy enchilada bake and salad

    Wednesday – Turkey burgers, sweet potato puffs, corn on the cob and salad

    Thursday – Thai sweet chile salmon, coconut baked quinoa, green beans and salad

    Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

    Saturday – Breakfast for dinner and fruit salad


    Chocolate chip cookies


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    How are you spending your summer?

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