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Are you ready for the news about the newest gluten-free celebrity?  Lady Gaga!  Thanks to Janelle, from At Breakfast with Janelle, for sharing this breaking news on Twitter yesterday morning. It seems that Lady Gaga will be going gluten-free to lose weight because we all know that it is the way to lose weight fast.  Like cutting back your food intake and burning more calories through exercise won’t do the same thing, right?  I love that more people are aware of the gluten-free diet; I hate that people are less likely to take those of us who really need to be gluten-free seriously because it has become the newest fad diet.  Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and now Lady Gaga.  Rant over.

Have you seen the new Iam’s ad? 


More from Iam’s:

It’s important to remember that just because a brand of pet food has the word protein on the bag, doesn’t mean it is tailored to your dog’s life stage or lifestyle needs, or the kind you want. For example, Iams has 50% more animal protein and never adds gluten.

Pet foods now talking about gluten.  Brilliant!  Not only may the food be better for your pet, but there will be no worries over cross-contamination from pet food. 

Caribou Coffee has brought back the Pumpkin drinks!!  Take that competing coffee place with the green aprons that won’t talk about the gluten-free status of their drinks!  Seems they have a new one to add to their list: Pumpkin Chai!  I took the liberty of emailing Caribou to get the gluten-free status and received this response:

Hi Kimberly,
Thanks for the email!  We are so glad you are interested in Caribou Coffee and our products!  In regards to your question, all of our drinks are actually Gluten Free.  The only difference with the Pumpkin drinks is that it includes a sauce rather than a syrup, so it does contain milk in it.  Unlike our other syrups, they do not contain milk.
I hope this information is helpful and if you have other questions please let us know!
Customer Relations
Caribou Coffee

Hot diggity!  I can’t wait to head over to Caribou and try one!!  Make sure to let me know if you have tried one!

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