Big Gluten Freely News

I found out some super exciting news on Monday afternoon that I had to keep quiet about for 2 days.  This was not easy, if you know me and how much I like to talk.  I did tell Aaron, he puts things in “the vault”, but I couldn’t share with any of my online friends or blog readers. 

Are you ready for the news?  Elisabeth Hasselbeck has partnered with Gluten Freely!  You can find her information, blog and episode 1 of “The Joy of Gluten Free with Elisabeth Hasselbeck” on the Gluten Freely website.  Click on the “Community” button towards the right hand side of the page and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is listed under “Our Bloggers” and more importantly, right above my name!  LOL! 

Elisabeth’s nogii bars are 20% off right now and her cookbook, Deliciously G-Free, can be purchased from the site as well. 

Welcome to Gluten Freely, Elisabeth!!  I look forward to reading your blog postings and viewing future episodes of “The Joy of Gluten Free with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

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