Plank Challenge & Menu Plan

Welcome to September!  Sure doesn’t feel like September here yet, but hopefully it will soon!  Yesterday I started a new month-long challenge that was organized by a running friend of mine – Plank A Day Challenge.

My PR plank

The challenge is this:

A strong core is essential to efficient body mechanics when running and cycling. Take the plank a day challenge. Every day in September, start your day with planks, including prone and side planks (on both sides). Record your time at the beginning and end of the month to see how far you have progressed. When you complete the challenge, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you got stronger!

Anyone is welcome to join – just visit the page on Facebook and join!  It is important to note that this challenge is about improving yourself, your core, your body.  This is not a competition with anyone else.  I shared the video above only as a glimpse into what I have worked towards – what I have achieved as the result of lots of physical therapy for my lower back, hamstrings and IT band.  The point of this challenge is to get a baseline time for you and then to continue to work towards making yourself stronger.  If you are unsure of proper form, there are examples posted on the Facebook page or don’t hesitate to ask for help.

What’s on the menu this week?  Jon has been complaining that we eat the same meals all of the time.  He is tired of tacos.  Tired of burgers.  funny coming from someone who will only eat 3-5 different things.  I love to cook new things, but both of the kids are very picky and don’t welcome change.  There are many nights where I am making them very basic versions of what I am eating or something different.

Sunday – Burgers, sweet potato puffs and salad

Monday – Italian grilled chicken Alfredo, brown rice fettuccine, green beans and salad

Tuesday – Easy Enchilada Bake, corn and salad (on menu plan last week and went with tacos instead due to time issues)

Wednesday – BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, baked potatoes, broccoli and salad

Thursday – Lasagna and salad

Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

Saturday – Take out

Weekly Recap:

Enter to win a free sample package of Cascal Fermeted Soda.

Some amazing new gluten-free bread: Goodbye Gluten

My new favorite trail mix from Navitas Naturals

Caribou Coffee – I finally tried the Iced Pumpkin Latte

Meijer stores add lots of gluten-free products to their selection!

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