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Shutting it Down

I am putting this out there so that I have no choice but to follow through.  I am shutting my training down for two days.  Monday is a scheduled rest day, but today is not.  Today I am supposed to run 2-3 miles and go to an intense core class that I adore.  I am really trying to listen to my body, but honestly, I don’t want to.  I want to run.  I want to go to core class. 

Things my body is telling me:

  • Resting HR is elevated despite the humidity coming down
  • Severe allergies or cold (I am leaning towards cold at this point) have left my sleep interrupted, head congested and throat sore
  • Tired

Things my head is telling me to do:

  • Suck it up, Cupcake!
  • No pain, no gain
  • Seriously, you are not going to workout until Tuesday?

It is times like these that I need to look at the big picture.  I need to focus on my goal(s) for the fall:

  • Run 3 half marathons (1 down, 2 to go)
  • Run the Columbus Half Marathon under 1:50
  • Do all of the above injury-free

So for the next two, very long days, I will rest and recover.  The Air Force Half Marathon is coming up on Saturday and even though I am running it as a training run, I would rather do so healthy. 


I am going to refer to this post and this picture each and every time I question my decision to rest.  Perhaps staying in my jammies will help. 

Have you had to force yourself to take time off from something you love?  What helped motivate you to stick with it?

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  • MJruns

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing, esp with the HR indicator and sleep probs/fatigue. A day off now may save your race later (and I will cross my fingers for you for Columbus!) I read something recently – better to get to the start line 100% healthy and 80% trained than vice versa. Trust the training, trust your body's wisdom and your instinct to rest. Sometimes "suck it up cupcake" means sucking up a day of NOT running, which can be harder than pushing through. :) I suspect you'll thank yourself on Tuesday.

    I know my allergies have been very bad (fluid in both ears, vertigo – and I can't take most allergy meds) so hopefully it's just that the front came through and you've got to adjust. And don't underestimate the power of getting a couple of good nights of sleep.

    I'll be interested to hear about the AF race – is that the one at Wright-Pat?

    Hang in there – you're already halfway through this forced rest day.

    • Thank you! I have heard the same about starting undertrained vs. overtrained. Love the perspective on "Suck it Up" meaning taking a day off – brilliant!

      Sorry you are struggling with allergies and vertigo – I have been there!

      Yes, AF is at Wright-Pat! I can't wait!

      It is 8 PM and I am still in my jammies – day 1 was a success! One more day!


  • agirlrunner

    I have been forced to cut back on training due to overtraining symptoms SETTING in. I also was sidelined for about a week after my first half marathon last year ITBand). the pain kept me from running after the half (although I tried) and with the overtraining, I KNEW if I didn't slow down, my body would stop me so I chose to slow down. Fortunately, symptoms fade as quickly as they set in. Stay Strong.

    • Oh, yes, I have also been there, done that and ended up with a stress fracture after the Cleveland marathon in 2010. I am sorry to hear about your IT band, but glad that you are slowing down before it becomes out of control. Hope you are well soon too!


  • Good decision, Kim, although I know as well as anyone it's hard to deal with. Good luck at AF–I did that one last year and it's a finish line you'll never forget!

  • That's tough, but I've read repeatedly that it takes 2 weeks to start losing cardiovascular fitness, so don't stress. You'll do great at AF!

  • You're being smart, Kim, I'm struggling with the same thing today. It's been ages since I've taken two rest days in a row. I took yesterday off and even though my body is telling me to rest, my head says I need to swim!

    • Jessica,

      Why do we torture ourselves like this?! As hard as it was to do, I am glad that I did it! I have more energy tonight and feel ready for the day tomorrow, I just hope I feel the same way when I head to the MIT good form and core workout at 5:30 AM


  • I have had a combination of issues over the past 2-3 weeks. First was my elbow. My friend Katherine convinced me to take a break from working out after seeing me wince during every arm exercise in BodyPump one day. I went to the Dr. and found out it is Golfers elbow. Next, I came down with a cold…which has lingered on and on.

    • The rest of my comment didn't post…here it is.

      I have gotten so into working out almost everyday that it is torture for me to just sit. It drives me crazy. But, in the long run, I believe I made the right choice to sit out.

      • I know how hard it is to sit once you get into the habit of working out, but take it from someone who has made things worse – an extra day or two will not hurt you to sit out.

        Hang in there! Don\’t hesitate to reach out if you need to. I totally get it!


  • I must admit – I read this title and thought it might be about your blog and then I panicked a little.

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