Gluten-Free or Not? Wine.

It was once again brought to my attention that while the majority of wine is gluten-free, it may be aged in oak barrels that are sealed with wheat paste.  According to a recent study by Tricia Thompson, MS, RD and contributors Amy Jones, MS, RD, Lisa Almenoff, MS, RD, Luke Emerson-Mason (Bia Diagnostics), Thomas Grace (Bia Diagnostics), Kristin Voorhees (NFCA), Cheryl McEvoy (NFCA) and FA (winery), wine aged in oak barrels sealed with wheat paste appears to be gluten-free

The sampling test relied on two different tests for gluten detection – the Sandwich R5 ELISA and the Competitive R5 ELISA.  The article and results can be viewed in entirety here


I drink wine on a very regular basis.  I love nothing more than a glass of cabernet or pinot noir with dinner.  I have to be honest, I haven’t really given much thought to checking the gluten-free status of my wine because it never seemed to cause me issues (not the right answer, for the record) and while I had heard about the possibility of oak barrels being sealed with wheat paste, there wasn’t much information out there. 

Do you drink wine?  Have you ever checked the gluten-free status of the wine before drinking it? 

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