The Little Things–Inside-Out Thin Mints

Do you ever find yourself trying to find out what will make you truly happy?  What is happy?  Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to delve deep into what makes a person happy.  Rather, it is the small things that can add up to make you happy.  One of those small things happens to be simple gluten-free treats.  There may be many things that are now off limits due to having to follow the gluten-free diet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things out there that can be enjoyed. 


This is not your normal chocolate sandwich cookie.  Nope.  This is what I shall call an Inside-Out Thin Mint.  A couple weeks back I was able to sample Lucy’s Chocolate Merry Mint Cookies and my idea was born. 


I simply took touch of Betty Crocker’s Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate Frosting and schmeared it between two of Lucy’s Chocolate Merry Mint Cookies.  This, my friends, is happiness in a small package. 

Both the cookies and frosting can be purchased on the Gluten Freely website. 

I love to show that eating delicious gluten-free food and goodies doesn’t have to be complicated.  It doesn’t have to involve a lot of time in the kitchen or expensive ingredients.  I think it is really important during the first few months of the gluten-free diet to focus more on simple gluten-free foods that are safe to eat, as opposed to complicating things trying to learn how to bake gluten-free.  That can and will come, but all in good time. 

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