Product Review: Glutino Pizza ~ Spinach & Feta Cheese

A few weeks back I was at Whole Foods trying to score some frozen GF pie crusts and happened upon a sale on Glutino Frozen Pizzas. They were 2 for $6.00, which was a great deal! They are normally $4+ each. I like to keep quick meals on hand for busy nights, so these were perfect for that. These pizzas are easy to prepare. Both times I made these pizzas, I set the pizza directly on the oven rack. The result was a nice, crisp crust! I added a little Frank’s Red Hot to my pizza, b/c I love it and put it on everything. What a nice treat! These have a wonderful flavor and almost remind me of a spinach dip on a pizza crust! I paired the pizza with a nice salad for a meal. I would definitely buy this product again and highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for a quick frozen meal.

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