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Death of a Roll

One of the first gluten-free products I tried was Trader Joe’s French Roll.  It was horrible.  I mean hockey puck heavy and dense and I had no idea how I was going to survive if this was how I was going to have to eat.  I threw the rest of the package away after one bite.  Then I found out that gluten-free bread, buns and rolls had to be toasted to taste decent.  For those that are new or newer to the gluten-free diet, this may be foreign to you, as there are many options now that taste good right out of the package.  I started the gluten-free diet in 2006 and things sure have come a long way since. 

Once I found out how to prepare the French Roll, it quickly became a staple in my diet.  I found ways to dress it up to make it even better.  I was going to make lemonade from my lemons, as there was no sense in moping around.  One of my favorite ways to eat my favorite roll was as part of a Tuna Melt.  Even when better breads and rolls came onto the market, the Trader Joe’s French Roll remained my tried and true Tuna Melt base. 

I ate my last Trader Joe’s French Roll Sunday without even knowing it was my last one.  I made a quick tuna salad out of tuna, avocado, sea salt, spicy brown mustard and cracked black pepper to spread on top of my toasted roll.  If I would have known it was the last I would have ever had I may have kept it in my freezer a little longer.  I went to Trader Joe’s on Monday to pick up a few things and began to panic when I didn’t see a spot on the shelves for the rolls.  I asked an employee and my worst fears were confirmed, the rolls have been discontinued.  RIP beloved French Roll, we had a good run.

While I am bummed out that one of my favorite gluten-free products is no longer available, I am also thrilled.  Why?  Because I am bummed about a gluten-free product not being available.  Do you get that?  I have moved past being bummed about gluten-filled products and no longer being able to eat them.  I call that finding the positive in this situation.

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