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    Weekly Menu Plan–3-24-2013

    It hardly seems appropriate that I should be typing the date for the end of March when we are getting a spring snowstorm.  I have heard varying reports of accumulation totals, but they range from 3-10 inches.  Clearly someone angered Mother Nature because she just won’t quit!  Each time we have an extremely cold day, snow or ice I try to boost my spirits by telling myself this will be the last one until fall, only it isn’t.  Did you hear about prosecutor in Ohio that has indicted Punxsutawney Phil?

    Funny, but maybe this guy has too much time on his hands.  You think? 

    The Plan

    Sunday – Rotisserie chicken, coconut baked brown rice, broccoli and salad

    Monday – Turkey burgers, baked steak fries and salad

    Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – Soft corn tortillas, black beans, corn and salad

    Wednesday – Take-out

    Thursday – Grilled chicken fettucine Alfredo , sugar snap peas and salad

    Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

    Saturday – Breakfast for dinner (Protein-Packed Breakfast Sandwich) and fruit salad

    Weekly Recap

    Help find a cure for MS by donating to Miles for MyelinA $5 donation will enter you to win a gluten-free gift box worth over $50!

    Don’t forget to enter to win gluten-free bread from Canyon Bakehouse!

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    Have a great week!


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