Taper Musings

Sometimes I wish I had an on/off switch for my brain so I could quiet the madness.  My brain is busy enough on any given “normal” day, but throw half marathon tapering into the mix and I have a whole lot of noise going on.  Last month I shared my review of the book “Life Without Ed” and how it really helped me figure out that the voice of my brain is not really me.  That voice is part of my eating disorder and it is trying to control me by filling my head with lies and commands.

It is normal for runners to experience “taper madness” or “taper tantrums”, where our minds play games and have us questioning our training.  I have been referring to a post I wrote last year and the seven things I can focus on to help keep me sane. I am going to share some of the things running through my head below.  Next to the “taper thought” I am going to write what the truth really is.  I am hoping this exercise doesn’t just help me, but others that may be going through the same or similar things.

1.  You are lazy.  <—-Lie, you are following a training plan.  Stick to it.

2.  You really shouldn’t eat that, you are only running a portion of the miles you were running a few weeks ago.  <—Fuel properly to get to the starting line healthy and ready to crush your goal!

3.  You need to add in more core work, you are getting flabby around the middle.  <—- Flat out lie.  Refer to answer in #1 = the planfollow it!

4.  There is no way you can run the pace you need to run to hit your goal.  <—Lie.  I can and will!

I won’t bore you with any more, as I am sure you get the gist.  This is my new motto:

someecards.com - Get out of my head! I can and will run the race I want to run! YOU can't stop me!

Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!

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