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Six Days…

My last half marathon of the spring season is 6 days from today.  The Cap City Half Marathon will be my 3rd half this spring and 13th half overall.  I have learned a lot about myself and my body over the past 4-5 years of running, but there is always more to learn.  My current quest involves figuring out why I have been getting headaches after my longest runs and races.  After the Xenia Half Marathon I thought it may have had to do with outside temperature and the speed at which I ran the race.  That theory was squashed when it was much cooler last week at the Earth Day Half Marathon and the temperature was 20 degrees cooler.  I still felt like crap for the better part of the day despite all I did to try to prevent that. 

It was mentioned to me that it could be caffeine withdrawal.  Most mornings I have 2 cups of coffee with breakfast.  I don’t have coffee on race day until after my race, as it doesn’t play nice with my GI system when I run.  So I am doing a little experiment.  I began to eliminate caffeine by drinking smaller cups of coffee and then yesterday by drinking 1 regular and 1 half caf.  Today I am completely free of caffeine. I made sure to have an enticing decaf option (Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut K-Cups) so that I wouldn’t be tempted to cave.  Once my race is over and I get through the day, I can assess if the caffeine withdrawal has been the problem.  Wish me luck!

A few weeks back I shared that I was a part of the Verizon Health & Fitness Voices program and was just getting to learn all of the cool things my new devices could do.  In addition to having some pretty cool apps that I use while I am running or working out, I ordered some new sport headphones designed by athletes – yurbuds*.


The yurbuds truly don’t fall out, even in some pretty strong wind conditions!  I am very impressed with them and wish I could have bought them sooner. They even have the microphone and 1-button track control right on the wire!  

Favorite Fitness Apps

FitBit One – Easy to pull up and review my stats daily right on my Droid Razr HD.

Pandora – Music to keep me going and entertained during my runs and workouts. 

Runtastic – A simple way to track running and/or walking.  Syncs with Facebook when started and my friends can motivate me while I am running!


Even though I have a Garmin that tracks my runs, I like to run according to feel, as opposed to peeking at my watch every minute or so.  By using Runtastic I can accurately track my run and opt to hear updates or not hear updates as I run. 

*Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Health and Fitness Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device, FitBit One, Verizon Gift Card and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the products.

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  • Sara

    Yay! 6 days :) I'm pretty excited about the race…I'm hoping for a PR! Not looking forward to taper week, as it typically makes me cranky! lol!

    As for the caffeine thing…I've had a similar problem since I never drink coffee before any runs. I found though that if I use a gel with some caffeine, I have no headache.

    • Sara,

      Wishing you the best for a great race! I despise tapering! I have been tapering for the past month, or so it seems…I haven't ever done 3 half marathons this close together and it is definitely a new experience.

      I'll have to see if I can find a gel that gets along with my GI system. I used to do the Gu caffeine gels, but they upset my intestines; same with the Clif Shots w/ caffeine. I use Honey Stingers now…I'll have to see if they offer a caffeinated version and test out in my training over the summer before my fall races.


      • Sara

        Thanks! Good luck to you too! :)

        It took me a while to find a gel that works with my GI system (good thing that I decided to test them out before races!). I've also found that I can only stomach one gel, not more. I typically don't need more than one, but when training for a marathon, I needed more for the longer races.

  • MJruns

    I used to drink part of a sugar free red bull before my run (just 4oz) but gave that up for stomach reasons, problems w/citric acid. (I don't do coffee anymore due to tummy issues, just tea, and only after my runs – coffee was only ever after my runs also). I do take 1 FRS chew before my run, has a teensy bit of caffeine in it. Maybe that would be enough for you.
    Also, I know some folks like caffeinated gels – I used to like Clif Mocha Mocha, but other brands have some in different flavors, even fruit. Obviously not something to try for your race (no changes!) but in your next training cycle, you could take one to see if it helps.

    Love my yurbuds! Had them for years now, so happy with them. Still don't have an iphone, but good to know that when I get one I can use it to run w/ yurbuds w/ microphone.

    Hang in there through the taper, look forward to a report on your great race!!

    • Thanks for the tips! Clif and Gu brands don't mesh with my GI system; I'll have to see about Honey Stingers – I use a non-caffeine variety now. I'll also check out the FRS chew for next training season. Nothing new this weekend, that is for sure! I actually gave up the decaf b/c I was miserable and couldn't poop (aren't you glad I shared that with you?!) – last thing I need during race week. Back to normal this AM with my coffee! I'll mess around with the gels/fuel over the summer before my next half at the end of August.

      Glad you are loving the Yurbuds, too! :)


  • hyedi

    I love my yurbuds also! Good luck with your next half :)

  • I've been using map my run and really like that ap. I didn't get the yurbuds because I wound up spending so much money on the phone that I couldn't afford them. LOL

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