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I want to share some exciting news for all of those who live in the Columbus and surrounding areas.  It was only a few months back when I first sampled the new gluten-free Sonoma Flatbread Pizzas made by Donato’s. 

Today I received an email from a contact at Donato’s with the following information about their Gluten-Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizzas.

I wanted to send you a quick note, we will have coupons for our Sonoma Flatbreads in this Sunday’s paper (The Columbus Dispatch).

On top of the coupons the majority of our retailers have put them on sale to really give a great value to our fans!

The gluten-free line is available at the following retailers:
Carnival stores in both Lancaster and Circleville.
Both Raisin Rack locations (Westerville has a great display!)
Huffman’s market in UA
Both of the Anderson’s General stores in Columbus
Campbell’s IGA’S in Duncan Falls
Ross IGA in Granville
Baltimore IGA
Kroger locations with natures market, as previously communicated.

Thanks again for networking with your Fans!
Yours in Pizza,
Collin Sanders

If you haven’t tried the flatbread pizzas prior to this, now is your chance!  I think the regular price of these pizzas is competitive and fair, seeing as they can feed 4 people (with salads on the side) or 2 without.  Don’t feel like you are missing out any longer…give these a try! 

Have you tried the new Gluten-Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizzas?

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