Weekly Menu Plan–June 3, 2013

School is almost out for summer!  Hannah and I already have plans to hit the pool and the movies this week.  I love daytime movies in the summer.  Not only do you escape the heat and humidity for a couple of hours, but the prices tend to be cheaper mid-day.  I pack my own gluten-free goodies in my purse so there is no need to worry about high snack prices or what is gluten-free or not.  Do you know what my favorite gluten-free movie snack is?  Gimbal’s Jelly Beans.  YUM! 

Looks like a cute movie!  Next week?  Iron Man 3.

Weekly Menu

Monday – Baked Spaghetti with salad and Udi’s Gluten-Free Rolls

Tuesday – Mexican Pizzas, corn and salad

Wednesday – Grilled chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli and salad

Thursday – Burgers or hot dogs on Udi’s Gluten-Free buns, sweet potato fries and salad

Friday – Make Your Own Pizza and salad

Saturday – Take-out

Weekly Recap

Review: Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Joe Joe’s

Betty Crocker Introduces New Gluten-Free Mixes

Recipe: Gluten-Free Squash & Caramelized Onion Quesadilla


Have a great week!


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