For the Love of Brooks

Once I find a running shoe that I like, I am fiercely loyal to that brand.  If you are a runner, you are well aware that proper running shoes are very important pieces to running pain and injury free.  It took me a while to find the right shoes, but when I did, there was no turning back.  I had originally been in the wrong shoe, a stability shoe, when I didn’t need that much support.  Turns out I needed to be in a neutral shoe, but had problems finding one to fit all of my needs.  Unfortunately my feet are high maintenance when it comes to running shoes.

I started wearing the Brooks Glycerin 8 a couple of years back and quickly fell in love.  I quickly adjusted to the shoe and finally felt like I was “home”. 

glycerin 8

I had these in pink/white and the blue/yellow shown above. 

When the Glycerin 9 debuted, I ran right out and bought a pair.  I loved the new color combination, black with a teal blue, only they didn’t work for my feet.  The toe box seemed a little more narrow and my right foot seemed unhappy.  Since the right foot is my problem foot, I returned the Glycerin 9 and went on the hunt to stock up on the Glycerin 8s. 

Glycerin 9

It was such a shame to return these beauties! 

I heard about the Glycerin 10 before it was available and I had my heart set on the grey/hot pink.  I began stalking Fleet Feet before the shoe was released and when they did get it in stock, they only had the blue model.  Of course I asked them to order in a grey/pink pair for me. 

glycerin 10

Aren’t they pretty?

I never thought I would find another shoe that worked as good as the Glycerin 8s did for me, but I was wrong.  The Glycerin 10s were even better!  It seems that Brooks returned the toe box back to the wider version that it was (or close to it) in the Glycerin 8 model.  The ride was soft and comfortable and provided just the right amount of support for my persnickety feet.  Over the course of a year I have had 3-4 pair (only 1 blue) and was ready to go on the hunt to stock up in case the Glycerin 11s, due out at the beginning of June, didn’t work for me. 

A friend sent me a picture of the new Glycerin 11s before they were available and I fell in love.  How could I not love a shoe that looks like this?


The stalking began again and I noticed one Sunday in late May that the shoe was on the shelf!  Bonus! I tried the shoe on and haven’t taken it off since.  Okay, well maybe I have taken them off to shower and I do have 100+ miles left on one pair of my Glycerin 10s, so I do occasionally run in them, but I don’t want to wear them anymore! 

The Glycerin 11s seem so much lighter than the 10s, but they aren’t.  Both the 10s and the 11s weigh 9.6 ounces.  More about the Glycerin 11:

Think of the Glycerin 11 as your foot’s butler, catering to your every want and need with plush, conformable comfort in every step. The luxury begins with an ultra-comfortable upper that uses innovative 3D Fit Print overlays to create structure and reduce weight. We’ve also removed the mid-foot shank to optimize ground contact for a transition that puts the "oo" in smooth. Finished with fresh colors and hot looks, Mr. Belvedere’s got nothing on this shoe.

The best way to describe running in the Brooks Glycerin 11 is “effortless”. 

What shoe do you run/walk/workout in?  Are you loyal to one brand?

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