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    King’s Island and Weekly Menu Plan–June 24, 2013

    Last Friday we went to King’s Island for Aaron’s yearly company picnic.  Last year was the first time I noticed the theme park offering a decent gluten-free option for patrons – gluten-free pizza.  When planning for the trip this year, I knew I had a higher mileage weekend coming up, so I packed my lunch to make sure I could get the nutrients I needed, but sure wish I would have known about these new options:


    The Coney Potato Works located in the Coney Mall section of the park has the following gluten-free options:

    • Fresh-cut Thick Fries
    • Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders
    • Gluten-Free Corn Dogs
    • Gluten-Free Soft Serve Ice Cream
    • Gluten-Free Beer

    I have to be honest, I was bummed that I had finished eating lunch only 30 minutes before spotting this.  I ran up to the counter to verify the entire place was gluten-free and may have done a little dance when the employee behind the counter confirmed that yes, everything was gluten-free.  This is awesome news and I hope that this is a permanent addition to the gluten-free options at the park. 

    Weekly Plan

    Monday – Grilled chicken fettuccine Alfredo, broccoli and salad

    Tuesday – Pulled pork tacos, black beans and salad

    Wednesday – Leftovers

    Thursday – Burgers on the grills, sweet potato puffs or baked beans and salad

    Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

    Saturday – Take-out

    Weekly Recap

    Don’t forget to enter to win a bundle of Glutino gluten-free goods!

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    Have a great week!


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