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Starbucks & Gluten-Free Items

It seems that there is a possibility that Starbucks is looking into offering gluten-free items to it’s customers.  Here is some info from their blog .  How cool would it be if you could go to Starbucks and not only enjoy their coffee, but a breakfast roll, muffin, cookie, scone, etc?  Wow.  They are lo0king for input from us, the customer, so make sure to visit the site and give your 2 cents.  :)


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6 comments to Starbucks & Gluten-Free Items

  • NIcole murray

    I would love to go to starbucks and have a coffee and a muffin. !!!! I hate having to look over the baked goods and not be able to have one.

  • Mary Jo Kerlin

    I love Starbucks coffee! It would be so wonderful to enjoy a gluten free muffin with my morning coffee at Starbucks coffee shop!

  • Jennifer

    I love Starbucks but I was recently diagnosed with celiac diseases and I know that I can’t buy any of the snacks, but I have don’t a lot of research and It looks like I am unable to have many beverages as well. It would be amazing if you also catered to the gluten free crowd making favorites like gluten free banana chocolate chip coffee cake and the blueberry muffins. Thank you guys! It would be much appreciated I don’t want to give up Starbucks!

  • Yun

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  • Guest

    I know this is an old thread but the flourless chocolate cookies at Starbucks are gluten AND dairy free. They have been very much enjoyed by our family (3 out of 4 on gf & df diet)

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