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Soodles Bake Shop – Custom Gluten-Free Cakes

Time flies. As Jon’s high school graduation approached, in addition to trying to figure out what happened to my kindergartener, I began to search for a bakery to make a custom gluten-free cake for the occasion. The last thing I wanted to have to worry about was baking a cake.

It was a good thing that I was able to find Soodles Bake Shop, as I was running around the day before graduation paying unpaid parking tickets and exchanging a graduation gown that was meant for someone an entire foot shorter than Jon.

Soodles Bake Shop bakes a wide variety of gluten-free products, including customized cakes. The facility/products are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, fish/shellfish and peanuts. The customized cakes are available in several different sizes and two different flavors. We went with the 1/4 sheet cake (double layer) for $42. Half the cake was chocolate, the other half was vanilla. 

IMG 2207

The cake was a huge hit and disappeared quickly. I had small pieces of each variety and while they were both very good, I fell in love with the chocolate. That really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as I haven’t met a lot of chocolate things I don’t like. 

Soodles Bake Shop was founded by Amy McCrea after she determined gluten, dairy, egg and soy were triggers for her digestive and eczema issues. Read more about Amy and Soodles Bake Shop here.  Thanks Amy for making our day even greater! 

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  • Ann

    Beautiful cake. Is your son going to be a Bobcat in college or is that his high school mascot? My son just finished his first year of college on a gluten free diet at OU so I was just curious when I saw the cake. We live in the Cleveland area.

  • Ann

    Kim – sorry I didn't respond sooner but have been on vacation. Yes feel free to email me. I know that last year at this same time I wished that I knew someone at OU on a gluten free diet!

  • Ann

    Hope that your son's move in and transition to college life go smoothly! Also hope that you are feeling confident about his meal plan there. Hope he enjoys being a Bobcat. Should also add that I know this is a really tough time to be a mom but you will be fine too!

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