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Hubby Rocks the Meatballs!

Aaron is an awesome cook!  He makes the best garlic mashed potatoes.  When we have people over, they hope to take home leftovers!  :)  He also makes a mean meatball.  He is very cautious to keep the gluten-filled pasta away from the gluten-free pasta.  He makes the meatballs completely gluten-free.  He uses breadcrumbs, usually the Ener-G brand, but this last time he just put some Pamela’s bread in the blended & made his own.  I am not sure what he puts in the meatballs, other than some Italian spices and lots of love.  :)  He used to make normal size meatballs, but the past few times he has made the biggest, moistest meatballs E.V.E.R!   They were heaven in a ball!  They were so big that I was only able to eat 1!  Jon had 2, but didn’t have any pasta with his.  He went straight for the good stuff. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe to share for these.  I can tell you he makes the meatballs & then cooks them right in the sauce, which is usually Prego Three Cheese.  They simmer on the stove for an hour or 2, until cooked through.  I think this is what keeps them so moist! 

These keep well in the fridge and make excellent meatballs sammies, too! 

Now I really want some of his mashed potatoes….hmmmm……

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